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Cindy Lee: field of dreams

I love the colors of this family session sent in by Cindy Lee Photography. Color is key for me. It really draws me in and makes me happy. I am super sensitive to color and it really affects me. That may be why I love film and how the color comes back from the lab just as I saw it.

That said I will admit, I saw The Dress as white and gold (so my color is very subjective).

boy in blue checked shirt standing on log image by photographer cindy lee family portrait with checked shirt and corduroys in field little boy in brothers lap in field image by cindy lee baby held by mom in field with natural light on kodak film smiling baby in red pants in field with natural light on film mom and baby kissing in field on blue blanket mom and son in blue checked shirt laughing film image mom and sons sitting in field with natural light on film by cindy lee photography boy in blue checked shirt on mexican blanket image by cindy lee


Compilation Post: kids rule

I think it’s time to make a call for a themed submission for our next compilation post. In this one, the kids rule. But, that is often true in family photography. So how about Moms Rule for the next one? Send us your favorite shots highlighting the mom in your photography. Remember we love creativity and great stories in your shots.

Head over to our submission page to learn how to submit and I can’t wait to see what comes in my inbox!


Jen J Photo: quiet little newborn

Jen J Photo sent in this gorgeous San Francisco newborn session. She shot it at the client’s home and used mostly film. I love her use of light and the compositions.

Newborn sessions are so quiet, especially when the newborn is the first child. It’s such a change of pace from family sessions where the kids are wild and running. It reminds me of the quiet time when my babies were first born and the house is quiet and we are staying home a lot. I miss those days sometimes.

From Jen J Photo:

“Not knowing how the light would be in the home and still getting my feet wet with film, I opted to shoot it hybrid. I sent the film and files both to the FIND lab and they worked their magic! Although they try to match the digital files to the film ones, I found the I liked the film ones much better. I shot with Fuji 400h on a Contax 645. All but two of the ones I’m sending are film.”

newborn photo held by mom by jen j photo family cuddling with newborn in grey turtleneck by jen j photo newborn on white bed on film by jen j photo mom framed by white window holding newborn by jen j photo family with newborn laying on bed mom in grey turtleneck holding baby in nursery image newborn asleep on white bed image gorgeous image of dad kissing newborn by jen j photo dad with newborn photo at home by jen j photo mom kissing baby image shot from above on white bed