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Compilation Post: one photo at a time

How do you build an outstanding portfolio? How do you get a gallery full of amazing images? One at a time.

Remember to keep shooting your personal work. Shoot your own kids, your own family. Experiment. Take chances with your photography. And keep your favorites. Edit your own work critically. Show what you love and what you want to shoot.  Blog only what you are inspired by. And build that portfolio.

And I’m asked all the time.. what do we look for here at Let the Kids?

We love the not camera aware shots, the ones where they interact with themselves or each other. We love color. We love film. We love movement. We love emotion. We love the shots that show us how life is, the ones that are from a different perspective, that communicate and make us feel.

Have a great day!


Brian Whitt: family on the bed

Brian Whitt sent us this amazing family session, all photographed on the parent’s bed.

I talked about how intimate and relaxed the family photographs can be when they are shot in the family’s home but taking it one step further is to shoot the whole session on the “family bed.” The bed where the kids run to in the middle of the night. Where they watch Saturday morning cartoons. Where mom nurses the baby and everybody has had their turn falling asleep in that bed.

I remember my parents’ bed and crawling in there on weekend mornings to watch cartoons and read the comics in the paper. What better place for a family session?

baby eating moms hair in sunlight image by brian whitt gorgeous image of baby boy looking up on white bed family of three snuggling on bed by photographer brian whitt baby girl on white bed family by photographer brian whitt couples feet on white bed image by photographer brian whitt baby girl in black and white image mom and daughter laying close with eyes closed on white bed photograph baby crawling in black and white by pohtographer brian whitt baby on bed in light with hair sticking up image by photographer brian whitt


Samantha Kelly: at home family photo shoot

Capturing families at their home, or even in their own bed like Samantha Kelly did here, are some of the best family photos. The kids feel at ease. They are home. Everyone relaxes. The family snuggles the way they always do in that bed. They kiss, they smile, they shine. Photographing families in their own home also increases the emotional pull of the images. It’s where their family lives. Where their kids are growing. Their memories are tied up in the environment.

I love the golden tones Samantha captured. Her use of light is spectacular and she shot this whole session on film, Kodak Ektar to be exact.

mom kissing baby toes with sunlight coming through hair by photographer samanatha kelly family in bed photography by samantha kelly photography brother with baby sister on film in bed by photographer samantha kellylittle boy with thumb in his mouth on bed with parents behind him by photographer samantha kelly mom laying in bed with family photography by samantha kelly little brother and baby holding hands on bed by samantha kelly photography little boy with family in baseball tee by samantha kelly photography image by samantha kelly photography of mom kissing baby toes

Tell us what you love about family photography.