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Girls Weekend In London: a session from Victoria Phipps –

Victoria Phipps sent us this lovely shoot all the way from London.  I am loving the colors and joy in this set.

From Victoria:

I shot a lovely family shoot in Westminster, London back in early Spring.  Lesli contacted me from the States to say she and her little girl were planning a short holiday in London and asked would I be available to take some pictures of them for an hour or so?  Yes!  I loved the idea of Mother and daughter going on a far flung adventure and spending time together exploring a new city, while the boys stay home  : )

So here it is.  I shot the whole thing on one camera – Contax 645 with 80mm lens – and it’s all Fuji 400H.  Lesli chose their outfits and they both looked beautiful!  We spent a bit of time chasing bubbles on the South Bank of the Thames, before heading over the river to St. James’ Park where all the spring flowers were in full bloom!  
mom and daughter photo in london victoria phipps photo of girls weekend in london victoria phipp's image of ferris wheel in sky victoria phipp's pic of daughter iwth big polka dot bow victoria phipp's photo of mom and daughter at harbor victoria phipp's image of mom in red pants victoria phipp's photo of mom and daughter laughing in doorway victoria phipp's image of mom twirling daughter victoria phipps' of london girl holding flower victoria phipp's pic of mom and daughter with flower

I love travel photos. Got some from vacation this year? Share them with us!  Whether its down the road or across oceans, we would love to feature your vacation photos.


The Brothers Wright: rad as they get

The Brothers Wright are some of the most creative, innovative photographers I know.

They make their own cameras, shoot all film, make film, and have a look all their own.

I am super honored to have them featured on the Let the Kids blog.

Twin brothers Brandon and Brian are amazing fine art photographers.

Just see.

Brothers Wright's film image of family with boy on shoulders brothers wright's bw image of boy and parents Brothers Wright's film image of family walking brothers wright's black and white film image of mom and son brothers wright's film image with mom laughing brothers wright's film image of family sitting in trees brothers wright's image of family with rollei brothers wright's film photograph of boy swinging with parents Brothers Wright film image of boy swinging with dad Brothers Wright's film image of family in trees

Go check out their blog, the twin lens life, for even more amazing inspiration.


compilation post: relaxing into summer

We are finally relaxing into summer around here. Kids are not as busy and sleeping later. Days made up of swimming, movies, and friends.

Happy to share this compliation of family and kid images:

Do you have some summer photos you want to share? Find all the details for submitting here.

Have a lazy summer day!