You Get What You Give — John Schnack

I love stories about good people.. about people helping each other and John Schnack sent one in with wonderful photos to boot!  Scroll down for the story behind these photos.

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“On April 17 (Tax day), I drove to our financial planning firm to drop off two five-figure checks for deposit into our retirement account.  Like I do every year, I got out of my car, rode the elevator to the third floor of the non-descript office building, and delivered the checks to the firm’s receptionist.  I then got back into my car and headed for home, with the intent of stopping for lunch at my favorite deli on the way.
As I was nearing the deli, I got a call from a woman who said she found a check with my business name on it.  At that moment, I realized that the check must have fallen out of the envelope as I got out of my car.  I panicked.  Anything could have happened.  The account number could have been stolen and chaos would have ensued.
But instead, the check was found by the Queen of Good Samaritans.  As I regrouped and my blood pressure began its slow decent into normalcy, I shouted “YES, that’s my check!”  The woman asked if it was supposed to be delivered to the financial planning firm on the third floor and, if so, she’d be happy to deliver it for me.  What a saint!
Later that afternoon, I called the woman, thanked her again profusely, and offered her a family photo shoot as a token of appreciation.  We met later in the week with her four kids, who range in age from 5-19.  She was grateful for the shoot, I was grateful for her morality, and the entire experience showed me a wonderful side of humanity that strangers rarely exhibit to one another.”


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