Workshop Week — Wallflower Friends + Breaking the Mold

So enough about weddings.  Lets move on to some family + kid workshops!  Deb Schwedhelm and Leah Zawadski offer some amazing workshops.



deb schwedhelm and leah zawadzki–best friends, photographers, artists.  for us, photography is so much more than running a small business; it’s about the love and passion of it all. wallflower friends was created (after years of discussion and brainstorming) because we wanted to do something different. something unique. something that inspires and encourages.  we wanted a photography retreat that not only fosters learning and growing, but also strongly infuses inspiration, excitement and creativity.  the information we share has been gathered over the years and is based on our photography, business and life practices.  and we’re so thankful to be able to share.  look for wallflower retreats every spring…that’s when the wallflowers grow.

family photography

spring 2012 usa retreat will be held in half moon bay, california.  april 27th – 29th.  all details and registration information can be found here.  please hurry if interested — only two seats open!  if interested in wallflower friends coming to australia in november 2012 please complete the form located here.
wallflower friends



Registration is NOW OPEN for Deb’s upcoming breaking the mold online mini-workshop — jan 23rd through feb 6th.  see all the details below.




some topics that will be discussed are:
thinking outside the box
finding your style
creating strong images
building a strong portfolio

participants will receive the following:
an honest and intimate look at my photography style and business
three assignments followed by feedback
an inspirational e-book
a lensbaby discount code
and a a few special giveaways

registration details:
1. this workshop is for bloom forum members only. if interested in registering for the mini-workshop but not a yet a member, you can join the forum (for 3, 6 or 12 months) here.
The Bloom Forum
2. once a bloom member, you can then register for the workshop in the ‘mini-workshops information’ section, found here.
3. the workshop will run from monday, January 23rd – monday, February 6th, with posts | interaction daily.
4. active seats are $200.00 per seat.
5. silent/read-a-long seats are $150.00 per seat.
6. the private mini-workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends.
7. there is also a private section for all past breaking the mold participants, to continue  interacting and sharing with one another.


A review:

There are very few people in my life who have truly given me inspiration, made me want to move forward and try something new. But you sure have! You have allowed me to let loose and share in a comfortable and giving environment. You were warm, generous and giving!!! I so appreciated all your candor. In our short two weeks, you have definitely given me confidence, helped me make sense of the issues and doubts I have been feeling for awhile and made me want to be a better me, for my clients and for my family and friends. Everyone needs that someone to get you “unstuck”. Your words, your exercises for us, and your explanation of your own photography has heightened my love and passion for photography so much more than I ever thought possible.


I had never heard of the Bloom Forum before a couple of weeks ago. I know.. I live under a rock. But apparently its the place to be with a very active membership and I had no idea they even offered workshops within the forum. Pretty cool.


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