Duston Todd: workshop week

“the more contraints one imposes the more one frees oneself” – igor stravinsky
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“OWN NOW: own who you are now.”

This is one workshop that I am definitely doing this year.  If you haven’t seen Duston Todd’s work, go look right now.  Nothing else like it.  Which is really what his workshop is about.  It’s getting your creativity going so that you can be the best artist you can be.  Not a copycat.  Not to teach you how to do it like him.  But to teach you to do it like YOU.

Here is what Duston has to say:
My Own Now workshop was born out of a frustation of the overwhelming sea of regurgitated muck and poor imagery.
The speed train of technology came into town and everyone jumped onboard. as a result we are bombarded with passengers shooting out the windows as they speed along from town to town and spraying photos that all look the same.
This workshop will teach you to sit back in the chair and think before you shoot.  It will answer the why’s to what you shoot. It will help you find your voice, define more of your style, make your work more personal and therefore meaningful…and separate yourself from the masses.

It’s a lot like Jack White and what he brought to the music scene with the White Stripes…
Force yourself to create. limit yourself. constraint. through this process of constriction and limitations, creativity is born.
he plays with a broken plastic guitar and he picks a fight with it.
he has no scheduled polished off line up of songs he plays, he just lets it evolve and happen. guts and heart.
his band’s aesthetic was reduced to just 3 colors, the songs he plays consist of 3 chords, there are just 2 members in the band…and look at what explosion came out of all that constriction!!!

The Own Now workshop is happening in Utah on May 21 -22 (possibly May 20-21). A two day workshop with lectures on  “the soup”, the soup consists of everything  that we are, everything we digest and inhale, all the inspirations and things we have swimming in our brains, the second portion of the lecture is on “the sweat”, the work, the fight, the guts, the grabbing of the inspiration and seeing it through.  And photo shoots on location with models where everyone can put into practice all they have been learning and q&a sessions.

Included with the workshop is an exclusive forum to help support and inspire others in their project and personal work.
Also included is a one on one portfolio review that is conducted over the phone. ( a lot of attendees really enjoyed/benefited from this)
and then there most likely will be some sponsored goodies that other sources will provide (film and such).

If you are interested, you better contact Duston straight away.  His workshop is filling up fast and he just announced the dates yesterday.  I really want to attend that workshop but Utah is far from me. So I am trying my best to get Duston to do a Hawaii version.  Anybody else want to do this in Hawaii?  Tell Duston if you do!  I would love it.


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