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There are a million ways for photographers to spend their money.  Cameras, equipment, software, bags, straps, and of course workshops.  How to choose?  We decided to highlight our favorite workshops this week on Let the Kids.  These are ones we have attended or know the guy/girl who runs them or have heard amazing things about.  The workshop we want to go to.

One of our very favorites and a frequent contributor to Let the Kids is Jonathan Canlas.  Jonathan shoots weddings and families and commercial work using all film.  He had the brilliant idea of starting a workshop called Film Is Not Dead which has grown into its own revolution.

I can tell you all about Film Is Not Dead (FIND) because I have attended not once but twice.  It’s an intensive three day workshop that covers everything from how to expose and shoot film correctly technically to how to shoot a wedding to how to market for shooting weddings and how to get your work seen.  Plus a million other topics and anything you want to ask Jon. The guy is an open book.

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The workshop runs during the day from 9-5  with the mornings being Jon talking and the afternoon being a model shoot.  But don’t be fooled.  There are before workshop get togethers and the whole group hangs out and shoots most nights and the day after.  In Maui FIND 2011, the whole workshop got up at 3 a.m. to shoot the Haleakala Sunrise (hello night exposures and tripod work) and made it back in time for a full day of learning about getting your work seen, selling prints, and a whole afternoon wedding shoot that included 4 couples, a cake, bouquets, sunset on the beach, and sparklers.  Then dinner.  And in Miami FIND 2011 and also in North Shore FIND 2012 the whole group stays together in one big luxury house and the workshop effectively runs 24/7.

The first time I attended I needed to learn how to use a light meter and my medium format camera.  Pretty new to film. After that workshop, I ended up switching to 100% film, watched my business take off, got featured on many wedding blogs (thank you Style Me Pretty, Brooklyn Bride,, Rock n Roll Bride — just to name drop a few), as well as 2 books, and found my “voice”.   I also meet some super cool people and made some friends for life.  FIND is where I met Tory and together we had the inspired idea to start Let the Kids.  Life changer for sure.

The second time, just about 15 months later, I hosted FIND Maui and attended.  Again, I  learned a ton, concentrating more on a deeper level of understanding my exposures, night exposures, compositions, posing and a hundred other questions I asked Jon.   He will answer any question you ask.  There are no secrets, no off limit questions, and only his ridiculously large generous spirit.

Of course there are no free lunches in this life.  Jon does have his own agenda.  He wants to keep using film. He wants film to stay alive.  FIND has become a community of 300+ film lovers.  There is a facebook FIND group and FIND forum where former and future FINDERS talk constantly about their images, their businesses, the cameras, the films, the exposures, their families.  A network of friends who all love film.  And all who share their knowledge and experience openly and generously. I have never seen anything like it. A workshop that never ends.

And guess what, film sales are soaring.  Kodak‘s film division is growing rapidly (yes yes other divisions have the company in chapter 11 but the film division is doing well).  Film camera prices are jumping high on ebay and KEH.  Urban outfitters and all the cool kids want to shoot film.  It’s timeless.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this post to turn into a testimonial.. but it did.   Here is the 2012 schedule and spots are filling up fast.  Personally, I’d say Oahu!! And I’ll even stop by and say hi.

Canberra AUSTRALIA : Jan 23rd-25th (SOLD OUT)
Atlanta GA : Mar 19th-21st @ Zack Arias’ studio (SOLD OUT)
OREM UT @ Canle’ International (my studio): April 23rd-25th (3 spots left)
Surrey UK : May 28th-30th (6 spots left)
Boston MA : June 11th-13th (5 spots left)
Chicago IL : July 16th-18th (SOLD OUT)
Ibiza SPAIN : Sept 24th-26th (SOLD OUT)
Charleston SC : Oct 15th-17th (9 spots left)
San Miguel MEXICO : Nov 12th-14th (10 spots left)
North Shore of Oahu : Dec 3rd-5th (JUST ANNOUNCED 11 spots left)

Just email Jon at if you want to book a space.

Come back tomorrow and see what workshop(s) we are talking about.. we have some fantastic ones lined up.


Wendy + Tory


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