Story Box Art: couple in the city

I could have stopped at the first photo on this post. That is how much I love it.  I just do. Story Box Art sent these amazing engagement session in.

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“There is something magical about Old World Mumbai. Sadly, the world that is now disappearing amidst new construction and skyscrapers. Whenever, I go back to Mumbai, I look for something old to document with something new. The old Parsi buildings in a neighborhood close to my parent’s home was a perfect backdrop for this young couple celebrating their love for each other. The bride to be dressed in a beautiful black sari adorned with gold jewelry and her beau came suited and booted.

At one point in the shoot, when the bride was posing by the steps of what we thought was a vacant house, the door popped open and the owner stepped out. We explained what we were doing and I asked if she could peer out the window but she wouldn’t budge and what resulted was the photo below. And then we encountered a not-so-friendly gentleman that ended up letting us shoot on his property and also popping into the frame. Ha, in India… anything goes! One of the greatest things is random strangers that you chance upon that let you into their lives. It certainly will make for some fun memories for the grandkids!”

And the Bloom Workshop with Ryan Muirhead and Becky Earl went to Stacy Alderfer — by our favorite friend at!  Thanks for playing and look for more giveaways coming up.


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