Where We Walk – Molly Hunter – North Carolina Family Photography

Every once in a while a submission comes in that just knocks my socks off. This is one.  I LOVE this… I mean really.

I am not sure if its the humor in it, the quirkiness, the amazing compositions, or just the emotional pull from pushing many strollers around in my day.

But Molly Hunter knocked my socks off.

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From Molly:

“I started this series, Where We Walk, as a personal project back in January of this year.  I was in school at Brigham Young University at the time trying to find a way to incorporate my personal life as a new mother into my studies (photography).  My daughter and I would go on daily walks so we could both get out of the apartment and explore the neighborhood, and I thought it’d be fun to document our walks together–hence the name of the project “Where We Walk”.  Not only did I want to capture the time of my life I was in as a poor student and new mom, but I also wanted to incorporate elements of design into the photos.  All shots were taken within a block of my apartment in South Provo.  Overall, I had a blast with this project and have plans to continue it as soon as I get settled after relocating cross-country.  And as a side note, my little girl was safe at all times while the photos were being taken:)

I first got into photography in 2008, and kind of on a whim I completely switched tracks in my studies to major in photography at BYU.  I just graduated this April with a BA, and the semester before I had taken a class from Jonathan Canlas where we were assigned to produce a personal project.  The fall semester previous I had taken a Fine Art class with my professor Paul Adams and had a lot of different project ideas from that class that I never followed through with, and this one was one of them.  I really wanted to better my skills at seeing elements of design in any place, even in the trashier area where I lived.  I also wanted to spend quality time with my daughter and capture our time spent together, so why not combine the two?  Overall, I just wanted to produce a fun series!  And all of these images were shot on a Pentax 67i with the 90mm 2.8, on Portra 160 and Portra 800.

I now live in Lenoir, North Carolina with my husband and daughter, and am just getting myself settled in.”

I am hoping to see more from Molly in my inbox soon.  And I love series, so if you are working on something you think would knock my socks off, send it right on in.


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