When the kids won’t pose – Wendy Laurel

my four won’t pose anymore.

they won’t even stand still for me if they see me.

unless I pay them.  and that gets expensive.

so I have to become a better photographer so I can catch the moments.

i see their childhoods flying by before my eyes.

a few moments from our recent day trip on the road to Hana.

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What are your strategies when the kids won’t pose?

Especially when they are clients?


  • Lisa Howeler says:

    I just don’t pose them. If they don’t want to pose then there is no need to pose them. Just let them be kids and I’ll get some great shots (I don’t mean because I’m some great photog, but because they are great kids…love each of their personalities.) That’s what I found with a 4 year old recently and we ended up with some really precious shots despite his refusal to pose (and the fact he declared that he hated me 🙂

    • Wendy says:

      ha ha ha.. that makes me laugh.. Ive had some kids recently who just did not want their photos taken too. I resorted to bribery.. its my first thought.. but I should make it my last… I haven’t had one say they hated me but I think it would make me laugh.. such a kid thing to say.

  • heather nan says:

    Okay… I am so in love with your little beach family. Adorable! No posing needed!

  • Jonah says:

    Doing what they do best. Those are the best memories to capture. It’s real. And visually interesting.

  • Alexis Yael says:

    My son is on the autism spectrum (with a big speech delay), so getting him to pose has never really been part of my photography life… in fact, when people pose, I have the hardest time, because that’s not what I want to capture! (I just keep going — eventually even the most pose-a-rific person/ kid will stop and go do something that’s more fun and that’s when the good shots come to me).

  • Ashley Smith says:

    Love when they don’t pose. It’s more real. It’s them. It’s the moment. Love seeing those familiar faces!

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