Compilation Post: beauty and diversity

This week is my turn to take the plunge on these wonderful compilation posts we’ve been running.  I have to say…..looking through these photos has been immensely enjoyable. Looking at all the beauty and diversity I see in these subjects does something to restore my faith in humanity – keep them coming, we love seeing your best!  Winners for our CLICK MAGAZINE drawing from last week are listed below ~


Deverie Stover

Abbie McFarland
Abbie McFarland


aaaannnnd, the winners for the Click Magazine drawing are: Pinball Photography, Rachel Havel, Reena Sifer, Sarah Severson, Janet McKnight, Melissa Pointer, Carolin Voelker, Brooke Bikneris, Kirsten McGoey, and Meridith Desmond! Thanks for the love, and stay tuned for next week!

And let us know what you think of our selection this week. We broadened it out from just family photography for this one.  Hey girl!

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