Las Vegas Photographer: we made the cover

I have always wanted to say that.  As in my photography made the cover of a magazine.  I just thought it would be Real Simple, or Martha Stewart, or Pacific Weddings, or even PDN.   Well, a girl can dream.

But my dream came true first with Las Vegas Photographer’s online magazine. They ran an article on our Let the Kids and asked for some of Tory and my photography and we sent them Kjrsten Madsen‘s as well since her shoot we featured a couple of weeks ago was in Las Vegas.

And they put us on the cover.  There you go.  I can cross that off my list Ms. Lara Casey of Making Things Happen. (If you have been to MTH, you will get the reference.)

About Las Vegas Photographer Magazine.. its run by Amy Leavitt of Amy Leavitt Photography and she says:

“From Hobbyist to Pro, our aim is to bring together some of the most creative talent from around the world, who love their art form, enjoy learning from others, and are excited to share their own masterpieces and ideas.”

Hmmm.. sounds alot like us.    Anyway, in case you are too lazy to click on over there (although you should, some interesting articles in that magazine), here is the cover and some of our photos featured:

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!
Don’t forget your camera!!


  • Amy says:

    Thanks for this! I should mention, Cindy Larkin is the founder of LVP, I’m just a designer/editor 🙂

    All of our cover photographers are hand picked – we just love your site and your photography – thanks again for contributing to LVP!

  • Tanya Malott says:

    I LOVE the parents under the lifeguard stand, with the kids feet on top. Brilliant! Such a funny reference to teenagers kissing under a lifeguard stand too…. Great, great, great! Do it again, with a girl in a bright orange sundress, guy in a denim shirt!

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