Valentina Glidden: baby bath

Valentina Glidden sent us this oh so pretty light filled session of a new family giving their new baby a bath. What a fantastic idea for a newborn photography session! It’s great to include something the family regularly does as part of the shoot, to really capture their time at the moment. The baby baths in the sink don’t last forever, although I’ve been known to stick my 6 year old in my big farm sink in the kitchen once in a while. My husband calls me lazy but I prefer to think of it as efficient.

valentina gliddens image of baby in tub Valentina Glidden_Newborn Session_05 baby toes in bath on film by family photographer valentina glidden baby in towel with parents in kitchen by valentina glidden couple with baby snuggling newborn by valentina glidden newborn photograph of couple with baby in lap by photographer valentina glidden image of dad in plaid shirt snuggling newborn against his chest by photographer valentina glidden


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