Two Sisters – Ginger Unzueta

The funnest part of running this blog is seeing all the amazing photography come in.. in all its various forms.  There are all sorts of ways to capture kids and we show them all.  But sometimes unplanned is the best. Ginger Unzueta got just the most perfect shots of her daughters on a spur on the moment.

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“I actually captured these shots of my two daughters last week.   I came into my bedroom, unplanned to do a shoot of them, but found them in the bed playing and being themselves.  I think as photographers we often plan the perfect moment to capture, but sometimes, the most memorable moments are completely spontaneous.   I will cherish these images because as I see them I can hear their giggles and feel their love and innocence.   I shot these as quickly as possible and tried to capture them so that they were unaware of my presence.  Truly, these types of images are why I love photography as much as I do.  I long to capture their essence right now just as they are.”

Ginger is located in Florida.




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