Laura Reaux: trust your photographer

Laura Reaux‘s photography packs alot of creative punch in this feature.  Laura shot film for this engagement shoot and talks about how she used her creativity:

“Trust and creative freedom. That is what Anna & Duane gave me.  I knew that real art mattered most to this couple and they trusted me to create it for them.  I did things with film for their engagement session that I don’t usually do.  I pushed and rated some of the film at a higher speed and it turned out beautifully.  I especially love the set in the field.  It was one of my absolute favorite times of day… just after sunset, in that beautiful twilight glow, and I pushed and underexposed that film and I adore the dreamy outcome!  Trust from my clients, trust in myself, and trust in the creative process brings forth a beautiful thing.”

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And who is the winner of yesterday’s contest.. we are figuring that out right now. Couple of very close calls.


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