Compilation Post: toy cameras

my love affair with film started with toy cameras.

lomography to be exact.

I picked up a book at Urban Outfitters by LomoKev called Hot Shots.

Crazy bright saturated colors. Shot from the hip.

Fun and gorgeous colors.

It sold me on film and the book told me what cameras to get, what film stocks to use.

And I did. Used toy cameras through one whole summer vacation. Funnest shots ever.

Of course now, I use film for weddings and family photography. But my love for toy cameras

still carries on. I always have one on me. And I always bring one for vacation time.

Luckily, Im not the only one in love with toy cameras.

wendy laurel holga + kodak

wendy laurel
holga + kodak

sweet magnolia freelensing

sweet magnolia

hannah sheveland lomo wide

hannah sheveland
lomo wide

wendy laurel lomo with flash selfie

wendy laurel
lomo with flash

Hot Shots is a fantastic book… and not just for toy cameras.  He shows how he shot each image, what cameras, what films,

different compositional techniques, the whole shebang.  And I’ll give it away to you…. just:

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  • I love my holga camera, too!

  • Emily A. says:

    Yeah! Thanks so much for featuring two of my FAVORITE holga shot! Aaaaand what I currently love the best about photography is it’s ability to help people see the importance and beauty in everyday moments. Some of the most beautiful photos in history are of the most simple subjects, not elaborately styled and meticulously composed, but real and stunning.

  • So great to see what can be done with toy cameras. I have one, too, but I still haven’t had the time to shoot a roll with it. And my favorite thing about photography…. it’s turning something only I can see into something everybody can see. 🙂

  • Sonya says:

    What I like best about film photography is that you never know how the photo will turn out and there Is only one copy of that memory.

  • Jeannie says:

    What I like best? As in, only one thing? Ha! At this moment I would say the ability to freeze my little ones as they are.

  • robin t says:

    would love to get a holga or lomo!! what I love best – so hard to put into words – ‘saving’ a spot of time I think esp of my kids.

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