Three Bouncing Babies – Meaghan Curry

Meaghan Curry has been popular around here at Let The Kids lately, and for good reason. I love her simple, relaxed approach to photographing families. Three little ones under the age of two could be a challenge to photograph, and she handled it beautifully and made it look casual and easy.

What a sweet session and family.

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From Meaghan: One of my favorite things about photographing children is their spontaneity.  So, with three children aged 2 and under, I knew that this session would be nothing if not spontaneous!  To set ourselves up for success, we scheduled the session right after the babies’ naps and made certain to have plenty of snacks on hand.  It was such a great afternoon capturing their lovely, funny, amazing and crazy life.  I shot this family in natural light using my Canon 5D Mark II and a combination of primes lenses, including the 35mm and 50mm.  I try to process my images in a natural style and have found that the presets from Visual Supply Co. suit my style well.

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