The Time is Now – Lexia Frank

Lexia Frank always shares the most beautiful and touching stories with us.  This one is no different.  There is no time like the present to have your photos done with your kids.  The time is now.

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“Angie is a friend of mine- we know each other from both being former dancers on the Wisconsin Dance Team at the University of Wisconsin. she was a few years ahead of me, but i still knew who she was.  we both have kids around the same age, so when i found out she had cancer it was shocking.  she always had such a positive attitude about it that although we all sent her love and strength we all (ahem… me) sort of just expected it to go away any day. She is strong, young, beautiful, is a teacher, infectious smile… you know.    but it hasn’t.  she was diagnosed with cervical cancer (that has since spread to many other areas) when her youngest little boy, Max, was 7 months old, and it has persisted (though she’s fighting it well!) ever since.

in a particularly difficult time (she is now a single parent), we decided it was about time for her to do a photoshoot with her two little ones to have some fun and make some great memories. this shoot wasn’t about feeling sad, or thinking about ‘what if’… it was about having a great time with their mama- full of life and love.  we started at an ice cream parlor and rode the carousel, got a little treat, and then headed to the park to play and have a snack. i wanted to keep it as real as possible- nothing contrived or posed- just honest play and love.”

Amy Johnson of One Fine Day Productions produced a video for her as well!


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