The Camera Does Not Matter

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Cameras, lenses, film, filters… we are always searching for the right gear, the right formula, the right equipment to make us better photographers.  And I love to hear all about who is using what too.  Its such an addiction– maybe if I just had this lens then my images would look better.

But the longer I run this blog and see the tons of photography that comes through the email and follow my favorites on their blogs and look at facebook (how much photography can I see???), the more I realize its the photographer’s voice that matters. And you will see that voice no matter the gear they use. Remember Ryan Muirhead’s iphone post?

I freely admit that I am not all that. I’m still a beginner in all the important ways.  But one thing I have noticed is that my images are starting to look like my images, no matter what camera I pick up.

Here is a day at the beach.. just an hour after school before homework with some polaroid film.. 10 frames.. I ruined 2 (bad exposures) and 2 were deemed unflattering by the models (my kids).

But the 6 here.. well, that’s my kids and that is my style.

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And because I know you want to know anyway.. shot with a Mamiya RZ with a polaroid back and Fuji Instant 100c film.  Like shooting with a mac truck.  Seriously.

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