the arc of a day – amy grace – a beautiful life photo

Amy Grace never disappoints us with her submissions.  In this one, she takes inside her own family on their recent summer vacation and we get an intimate view of their day.

“these photos represent the arc of a day. the first day of a family trip to the bay area, my favorite place in the world, and a full travel day. when we go on vacation, i love to capture the feeling of the trip, to tell a story of a collective experience we shared. i am not interested in smiling group pictures in front of landmarks, but in the energy and flow of what we saw, and what we looked like living it. it was a real challenge selecting only several images that embodied the place, the people, the beautiful movement and color of the day. there were so many, but in these i can revisit the way my soul stirred, taking in the sweet air and new scenes with my family. watching them explore and reflect and engage with each other is as priceless as this amazing place. for simplicity’s sake, i carried my d700 with one lens, the sigma 50 1.4. i love to capture people when they aren’t looking, when they are relaxed and immersed in the moment. this is what we saw, who we were, how we felt it. the story of the first day of our trip.”

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” i know i took an unorthodox approach to a “session”, but i am always looking for ways to capture what is real in our lives. i thought this might be interesting to someone out there, rethinking the way they shoot their vacation photos this summer.”


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