Thanks to my longtime favorite child photographers

Change is a great thing and inevitable.

Have you noticed all the changes on Let the Kids? The blog is looking amazing and we have all sorts of new categories and are actively seeking lots of new content. And the biggest change of all? This is my very last post as the solo editor of Let the Kids. We have a new crew coming on board and I could not be more excited. Lots of new blood, lots of new content, but all distilled down to our basic theme of showing real love, real life, and real families in an unscripted and honest way.

LTK editors curate photos that capture unscripted stories, personal connections, and the warmth of home and family. We love color. We love light. We love movement. We love the heartwarming shots and stories that show us how life is, that communicate, that make us feel. We love glimpses into the moments that compel us to pick up cameras in the first place so that we can experience those memories over and over again.

And I will still be here. I’ll be heading up the Creativity & Wellness category – isn’t that a perfect fit?

And for my very last post as the solo editor of Let the Kids, I am posting a thank you to some of my most favorite and amazing family photographers that have supported and contributed to this blog from the very beginning – especially Victoria O’Leary who started this blog with me and without whom this site would not exist.


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