Compilation Post: thankful

and i am thankful for

my oh so supportive and smart husband

my crazy kids keeping me on my toes and teaching me daily about love

all the bad things that have ever happened to me which have made me who I am and given

me the attitude of gratitude and a love for the ordinariness of everyday life

and for

you readers

and photography, which has given me a passion and a challenge and a way to keep learning daily

and of course for the images below:


jonathan canlas

jonathan canlas
best thing ive seen all week!

wendy laurel canon 1v + 24mm +ektar

wendy laurel
canon 1v + 24mm +ektar


wendy laurel canon 1v

wendy laurel
canon 1v


brian dougher
Evie1.jpg – Mamiya C220 – 80mm – Portra 160VC


julie cruz lot 116 photo

julie cruz
lot 116 photo

julie cruz lot 116 photo

julie cruz
lot 116 photo

wendy laurel contax 645 + ilford 3200

wendy laurel
contax 645 + ilford 3200

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camera coat

camera coat


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and stay grateful..




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