Technique Thursday: transforming the ordinary

Kate T. Parker has a way with compositions.  Her use of negative space is fantastic.  Kate shows us how you can transform the ordinary into amazing photographs by really thinking about your composition.

In this series, all the locations are just places she went in her daily life and happened to have her camera with her.  “The bathroom in the fancy club, the back of the buildings at gymnastics, the foam pit of the jumpy place, outside the camera store!, at the eye doctor, in a parking lot, at a birthday party.  Just goes to show you that it isn’t where you go, but how you look at things that make all the difference.  The most mundane places can have some amazing locations.”

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We would love to see how you all can transform the ordinary.  Here is some homework, transform the ordinary in your own life in a single photo and submit it to us at  (600 pixels wide and no watermarks please).  You can be like Kate and focus on space and texture and color, or do it your way.  We are looking for some extraordinary images.

And we would love to hear your ideas on how to transform the ordinary in the comments below.


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