Technique Thursday – Newborns – Photography by Victoria

Everybody loves newborn photos.  Here is our baby whisperer — Tory OLeary  (a extremely talented Southern California family photographer) with some tips for parents and photographers to getting amazing newborn photos.

1.) HEAT! A cold baby is not a happy baby and since I shoot them in the buff normally it’s important to make the space nice and toasty – I go into my clients homes so I tell them to turn up the heat and close all windows. And then when I get there I usually ask them to turn it up more! I also bring a space heater with me.

2.) Patience – It’s a waiting game and these shoots do take time. I tell people it’s usually 75% sitting around waiting (feeding, soothing…etc) & 25% shooting – it’s important to wait until the baby is actually asleep instead of trying to move them around half asleep.

3.) Take charge – I am very hands on for this portion of the shoot – I tell the parents to think of it as a little break, I tell them to catch up on emails, read a magazine. (but to stay close incase I need them.) If there are younger children I ask them to have the father or a grandparent come take the older child(ren) to the park or something (I shoot the family + siblings first).

4.) Watch your light + positioning – harsh shadows or a baby’s face half in the blanket isn’t flattering.

5) Play it Safe — MOST IMPORTANTLY is to be careful and safe with the baby, not to put them into any positions that they do not like or are not safe.

Beyond inspiring.

Come back tomorrow for some more amazingness.

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