Technique Thursday – Newborns Part 2

Newborns are always a popular photography subject.  We talked to Emily Burke about how she does it because we can never have enough tips and tricks. (Read our technique thursday previously on newborns)
-Don’t wait too long to photograph newborns – 5-8 days after birth is ideal. After 2 weeks, they tend to sleep less frequently/deeply, are more finicky and harder to pose.
-Always make sure the baby is well fed before you start. Feedings during the session are very common too.
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-Keeping the baby warm is very important. The room should be above 80 degrees. I also use a space heater to gently blow air on the baby.
-White noise also helps to calm most newborns.
-If you are shooting natural light, make sure you are close to a bright light source.
-I like to do the more posed shots in the very beginning and prefer to focus on more natural positions with creamy colors and fabrics after that.
-Practice swaddling with different fabrics. Many newborns love being swaddled and there is a lot you can do with that.
-Remember to capture the connection between the parents and the baby (I always ask the parents if they are interested in family shots!).

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