Technique Thursday: negative space

Using negative space to draw a viewer’s eye to the subject in your image can be a very powerful tool.  Done well, this type of photo can have really high impact, whether for a storytelling element, or to truly single out your subject again a clean background.  Mixed in with more portrait style photos, negative space images create added visual interest within a set of photos.

Kat Braman

Amy Grace – A Beautiful Life Photo

Rebecca Chalmers – “I was trying to catch up to my kids on our walk, when I saw this shot.  I purposely shot wide to get the sense of the big sky, compared to the little bodies of my children.”

Jennifer Terry – “I have been obsessed with using negative space lately. I love how it draws the eye to your subject, infusing both powerful emotion, and quiet intimacy. In this capture, the sky provides the perfect negative space to feature the bond between a mother and her newborn.

Tara Monterosso – I am drawn to images with a lot of negative space because everything is so visually stimulating in life.  I love to use the sky, a vine covered wall, or a blanket to help draw the viewer’s eye to my subject in a simple, beautiful way. I also think it makes for an interesting composition because sometimes it requires using a ladder, getting down on the ground, or other ways that capture a unique perspective.

Linsey Wilt – I love how negative space helps draw your eye right to your subject, or in this case subjects. It ultimately takes away all distractions and allows what you meant to be the main subject shine. I also love the striking feeling it can give to an image

Alana Rasbach – a 35 mm lens is on my camera 99% of the time. i like the details and negative space a wide angle lens can capture. for this particular image, i was focusing on how ‘big’ the world is for this little guy.

Rachel Gately Photography – I love the power and emotion negative space brings to an image. It emphasizes the importance of the individuals in the image and adds a bit of magic to the picture.

Abbie McFarland


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