Technique Thursday –Multiple Cameras – Amy Q

I don’t know about you.. but as a film shooter I love collecting cameras. And then I want to use them on my shoots.  But its hard juggling 3 or 4 different cameras at the same time I’m trying to pose people and change film and not look like a total airhead at the same time.

So when Amy Q sent in this great family session and talked about how many cameras she used, I thought it was perfect for a Technique Thursday talk on using multiple cameras and formats on a shoot.

“Ryan and Erica… to know them is to love them.  Giving, forgiving, funny, talented, beautiful, supportive people.  They run a successful photography business ( in Destin, Florida.  They’re the bee’s knees.
Erica wanted to do something fun and messy.  She knows my fondness for anything involving a mess.  Her idea for surprising the kids with paints and no paper was brilliant and the kids went nuts.”

Amy used 3 cameras on this fun paint filled family session. Can you guess which ones?

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Amy says:  “I used 3 cameras on this session.  I stuck a Mamiya RZ on the tripod and positioned it in a nice, open spot for a few pre-mess pictures of them together.  I do like to bring the Polaroid back as well because kids typically enjoy seeing the picture in their hand, versus just a shot on the back screen of a camera.
A lot of children are captivated by Polaroids.  They’re unsure of the normal film cameras that don’t show the picture on the back.  Hahaha!  They often look confused and shrug their shoulders, like whatever you say, lady.
I had a Canon EOS3 for times I needed to utilize its handy autofocus to catch those wiggly kids.
Each camera offers me something unique and I thoroughly enjoy using different cameras.  The RZ has the waist level finder and gives such beautiful depth with a super sharp focal point.  It’s a fun camera to begin with.  The Polaroid back is totally fun & helps ease nerves.  Kids are always interested.  I love helping them take a picture of something and watching them wait to pull the picture.   I then mount it to a tripod, in a spot where the subjects can sit for a few portraits.  The Contax is lovely in so many ways (hand held medium format, Zeiss glass, etc.) but I think my favorite quality is the creamy, buttery bokeh it produces.  I bought the Canon because it was such a steal and to utilize the lenses I already had.  It’s what I shoot when I need autofocus or to use one of my wider lenses.
And I had the Contax 645 for some hand held medium format captures.  I used Portra in 160 and 400VC.  I shot the session, sent it to Richard Photo Lab and resized.  The end.  God, I love that.
They were thrilled with their images, as was I.”

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