Technique Thursday — How to Use Flash – Chris Thornton Photography

Oh that dreaded topic.  Flash photography.  I am a fail here… I can understand the basics… set exposure for the background then add in light to fill the subject.

But somehow my mind just blanks over if I start thinking about actually doing it.  That is why I was super happy when I saw Chris Thornton’s amazing submission and that he was happy to share his secrets with us.

Chris is a photographer in Leeds (way closer to the Olympics than Hawaii!!).

Check this out:

let the kidsbest family photographylet the kidsbest family photographychris thornton

So here is the deal — for the shots on top of the car with flash:

1.  The camera will be in manual (for the flash shots).

2.  Always start by getting an exposure for the background.

3. Dial that in then light the subject.

4. On this occasion the main light was an Elinchrom Ranger RX with a 1×1 metre softbox.

5. Positioned in all shots camera left and higher than the subject.

6. On a few of the shots you will also see a backlight. This is just a Canon speedlight set to 1/4 power and zoomed in to 105mm to create the starburst.

7. For some of the shots I positioned this inside the car, pointing through the window and in others positioned on a light stand at the back.

8.  The shots are pretty much in camera. Not a great deal of Lightroom or Photoshop work.

Let’s see you guys do that!  Go experiment and send us your best at!  Just send us your favorite at 600 pixels subject line FLASH and we will show the best of them.

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