Technique Thursday — Giving Back

Giving back is good for your soul.  It is also good for those you give to.

These photographers have all found a way to give back with their time and immense talents.


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Tell us how you give back and check back tomorrow for our list of organizations that help photographers give back.

It’s part of our new photographer’s resource section coming soon.

p.s. if you submitted and you are not featured, i am sorry but we are only taking submissions that meet our size requirements — 600 pixels wide

with no watermarks. Please only submit 1 photo for the thursday posts.  Thanks!!!

Links in order from above:

Annie Reardon

Amanda McKinley

  Daniele Rose,

Emilie Ann Hendryx

Jennifer Weiss

Melissa Zilhman

Nicole Seu

Lea Hartman

Two Birds Photo

Naomi Karth

Kate Griffin

Kristie Bradley

Mallorie Johnson

Lisa Seidel

Tim Massie


  • It’s great to see so many photographers using their talents for some good in this world!

  • Emilie says:

    I love being a part of this and am so happy to see so many photographers using their gifts to help others!! It’s also great to see where there are needs too.

  • Jonah says:

    This is wonderful. Wendy, you’ve uncovered a hidden piece of what defines the talent. And to the photographers; your giving brings more meaning to reason we capture. Thanks.

  • Amy Kubik says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes a couple of years before I became serious about photography. Now I volunteer as in in-kind photographer for the JDRF at some of their events and it’s a great way to give to a cause close to my heart and for my daughter to have a fun day with kids like her.

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