Technique Thursday: frame within a frame

This week, we’re excited to share some fantastic images from photographers who have used the elements around them to create a frame within a frame. This technique utilizes other shapes to really create focus on the subject, and we were blown away by the submissions!

Colie James Photography

I look for elements to frame my subjects within the home in my walkthrough of their home.  In my own home I use the doors, windows, stairs and even the dining room table on a daily basis.  If I get to use two at the same time like in this picture I really think it helps draw you into the subject(s).

Isabel Furie

I have lately been very into shooting through things to frame subjects. I love finding windows/shadows/foliage to shoot with/frame with. this particular day I was walking with my sons and noticed the beautiful light and vines hanging from an underpass. we climbed up and I got this shot.

Kerinsa Marie Photography

I always think it’s a great challenge to change my perspective, and I love to search for triangles and frames within frames. For this photo, I noticed that the horse’s neck would help me achieve both of these, so I got down lower than I normally would, composed my photo, and prayed the horses wouldn’t move. Thankfully they cooperated!
Hasselblad 500cm, Portra 400
My view from the driver’s seat.  My boy enjoying the wind in his face…and loving life, as he does.
I slowed the car down to get the shot…and I was on a back road, although it is certainly not recommended to take pictures while in a moving vehicle and you are the driver.  I got lucky with the settings!
f/3.2 – 1/250 – ISO 200
Window and door frames make fantastic frames within a frame.
I find I mainly use them to align my photo frame against a straight edge.
I like straight edges. And frames within a frame 🙂

Jen Downer

As soon as I saw this little open window in the lavender wall at the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum, I knew I had to grab this shot. While I could have had her standing in front of the blank wall and made a great photo, the frame within the frame adds so much more dimension and naturally draws your eye right to the subject.  My kids, maybe ALL kids, love to climb into spaces like these – like a little portal of imagination – so its a win-win situation for us both.

The Itchy Eyes

My tips:  Images look great when you have a frame which draws the viewers eye through the layers to the heart of the image.  Look for anything which can do this – mirrors and windows are great choices but its nice to challenge yourself to see where else you can find something to frame your subject.  Framing with other people is one of my favourites and shooting through objects like leaves and trees help give you depth.


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