Technique Thursday — FLASH

Flash scares me.  My eyes glaze over when I hear the word “speed lite.”  I do everything I can to avoid it.  The only way I like to shoot flash is on my lomo or holga. Point and shoot.

I use video light instead when I need light.  I can “see” it and it doesn’t scare me so.

So let’s see how they do it.

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That is inspiring.  I’m going to have to play with flash and/or video light for backlighting.  Looks so good.

Some flash tips:  Meter for the ambient, add in your flash and bounce if you can.

The trick for the holga is:

Set Holga to B (bulb)

Focus: 3 people

Set on Cloudy setting

Nikon SB80 Flash on Manual:  angle of coverage 35 degrees – set distance at 5-7 feet.

Shoot away!



Wendy Laurel

Kristpher Orr

Chris Thornton

Andreanna Armbula

Neal Carpenter

Kate T. Parker

John Fong

Ken Bruggeman

Mariana Gonzalez

Jen and Jonah

Amanda Nelson

Kat Braman

Chris Bodnar

Ryan Johnson

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