Technique Thursday – Braids

We are putting a different spin on Technique Thursday this week with something fun and off the beaten path.  For the fashionistas out there, braids are all the rage this year. Here are a few fun photographs featuring some different styles:

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After scouring the web for a few good resources for braiding techniques, here are a few fun ones that we loved (and a few great blogs too):

A Beautiful Mess – Fishtail braids

Suite 101 – An overview of various types of braids along with directions for achieving them

Refinery 29 – 4 Easy Ways to Braid your Hair


And a big thank you for our braids submissions…in order of appearance:

Lillian Ranauro

Summer Murdock 

Leah Kua

Celeste Jones

Alana Harris

Melissa Brandman

Stacy Kron

Wendy Laurel




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