Summer Down Under – Rachael Brown

I absolutely adore this family shoot from Rachael Brown, shot on the beach in New Zealand. It’s a perfect example of a beach shoot done in a fresh way, and props that enhance the playful images rather than detract from the kiddos! These images make me long for summer, and little adventures along the shore.

From Rachael: We met at the beach just as the first rays of sunlight were hitting it. Its a gorgeous time of day and most families with little people are up and bouncing around already, so its good to make the most of it. It was also a maternity session for Cindy. But I like to do my maternity sessions a little differently when there are already little people in the family – and so I make them more about being together as a family rather than solely focusing in on Mum. I’m not hugely into props for my family shoots. But the wee girl had just received the beautiful necklace from a friend in Australia and it was too colourful and wonderful to not be part of the photos. I am passionate about capturing families in their favourite places together and just hanging out. Down here in Summer the beach gets used alot of family shoots – and I think if you are 100% focused on capturing the uniqueness of each family – having the same location just doesn’t matter.

I shot these on my D700 and used my 24mm lens for all of them. I have just switched to using 100% prime lenses for everything and gotten rid of my zoom lenses. And I am actually really enjoying using my 24mm for some family shoots which has surprised me as I have always used my 50mm.


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