Share Your Session, Story, Project, or Recipe With Us!

Thank you so much for your interest in submitting to Let The Kids! LTK editors curate photos that capture unscripted stories, personal connections, and the warmth of home and family. We love color. We love light. We love movement. We love the heartwarming shots and stories that show us how life is, that communicate, that make us feel. We love glimpses into the moments that compel us to pick up cameras in the first place so that we can experience those memories over and over again.

Requirements for Submission:

  1. Submit ONE image set per form.
  2. Be selective. 8-15 images is perfect for a full session.
  3. Send your files at 1600px on the long side at a quality of 8.
  4. If included, watermarks should be unobtrusive.
  5. Please include the camera, lens, film (if applicable), location, details, and/or what you loved about the session.

Due to the volume of forms we receive, we are unable to respond to each submission. If you do not receive a reply from us within two weeks, feel free to submit your session to other blogs.

From time to time, we request submissions by theme, so be sure to watch Facebook and Instagram for our image calls!

Once again, THANK YOU for submitting to Let The Kids. We look forward to seeing and sharing your creativity, inspiration, and beautiful moments with our readers!

  • Consider discussing what inspired the photos, your vision for the set, and reasons the set is meaningful. If there were any challenges, please share them and how you worked through them.
  • Please provide camera, lens(es), film (if applicable), lighting (if applicable), etc.
  • Be as general or specific as you wish!
  • (if previously published on your own site)
  • Files should be sized 1600px on the long side at a quality of 8. All featured artists are contacted prior to publication, and LTK will never use your images except as part of a credited feature or for promotion in connection with a credited feature.