Street Style

As summertime approaches, many of us are planning adventures that take us new places or open our eyes to new things.  Last week, we featured street photos shot by John Fong – this week we are showing a small selection of street photos, and issuing a challenge to go forth this summer and take more photos like these…of life as it happens.  I’m issuing myself that same challenge….it’s a little unnerving to ask a stranger to take their photograph, and street photos at times may require that…..people always make the most interesting subjects though.


Jessica Flynn – Cinque Terre, Italy


Karen Jacot – NYC


Meg Hamilton (from her collection of her grandfather’s family photos) – Waikini Beach Oct 1969


Heather Moore – Austin, TX


Zalmy B – NYC

Street Photography_Carolin Voelker

Carolyn Voelker – London UK

street3b-copyrright alana rasbach-2013-wmkd-LTK

Alana Rasbach – Nashville TN


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