Spring Break through the eyes of Andrea Hanki

The first time I stumbled across Andrea’s photography is still fresh in my mind; even though it was years ago. Before her two youngest children were born, she had a beautiful space named, “Lila Was Here”, and I was instantly smitten. It’s actually still active here if you want to take a peek. (And I insist you go take a peek.) Not only was I struck by the amazing way she captured those fleeting moments, but I adored the way Lila was dressed. Since that time, I have followed her through the birth of her two youngest children, all their everyday moments and everything in between. Years from now I know I will still be following Andrea’s work unwavering and watching that darling trio of hers style evolve.

From Andrea: his silly grin and favourite “lion” (that just so happens to be a tiger) shirt. the hat that lived on her head for the entirety of our trip. the way she likes to walk across every fallen tree she meets and he’s close behind, if not racing ahead, each step of the way. the mossy trees so different from those we find at home on the prairies. the soggy ground that squished beneath our feet and wet our toes through our shoes. the joy that can be found at a random rest stop somewhere between seattle, wa and the canadian border when you take a minute to stretch your legs and explore.  

i want to remember it all. the oldest is nearing seven even though i was just cradling her newness yesterday, her baby brothers fast on her heels, and the only way i know how to stop time is with my camera, so i do just that, whenever i can.

this trip over spring break meant endless opportunities for adventure in new places. it meant trading the snow and winter jackets we were wearing back home for sunshine and rain and spring favourites and much lighter layers. it meant a whole lot of memories would be made and countless photographs taken. it meant love. (i hope it shows.)

Some of their favorite places to shop at the mall are Zara, Gap and H&M. Andrea also supports a lot of independent designers and webshops – a couple of favorites this season are, The Skinny and Mini Mioche.

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picture of a little girl in black hat by Andrea Hanki

photo in black and white of sibilings exploring by Andrea Hanki

photo of brother and sister in woods by Andrea Hanki

picture of stylish sibilings smiling by Andrea Hanki

photo of little boy making a cheese face by Andrea Hanki

picture of little girl in glasses by Andrea Hanki

pictuce of little boy in tiger shirt by Andrea Hanki

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