Victoria O’Leary: baby love

Is that even a word?  Who knows?  Oh well, it absolutely describes this photograph.   We have been shy about sharing are own work.  Mostly because we have set very high standards for the work we want to feature on this blog and its really all about showing you guys the best and most creative honest photography we can find.  We have our own blogs to show our own work.

But that said, I cannot resist posting this image.  Tory took this and I had to literally twist her arm to get her to let me feature it today.  (as a side note, Tory is like the baby whisperer of photography. She has all these little tricks to put those babies to sleep and pose them just right, but that is another post).  I LOVE everything about it.  I want that green wall in my house.  And another baby?  Well, four may be enough, but there’s always room for more, right?  Although, my husband says Four and NO MORE. And I do believe he means it.

In any case, here is a beautiful baby.  And a gorgeous image.  And we need more of them.  PLEASE  PLEASE keep your submissions coming in.  We do have a bit of a backlog, the response has been terrific, but we need submission constantly.  Especially BABIES!  And Seniors!  And anything out of the box and creative!  Send it in to us.

Please don’t be as shy as we are.

AND if you haven’t entered already… please do.

We are giving away a $150 gift card to Amazon!! Entering is EASY!!!

1.  Like our Facebook page and post this link on your profile:  “Go to to enter to win $150 Amazon gift card and check out the best of creative and honest family photography.”

2.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet this: “”Go to to enter to win $150 Amazon gift card and check out the best of creative and honest family photography.”

3.  Write a comment below telling us which ones you did and what you like best about our new blog.  If you do both, you get two entries, if you did one, one entry.

The contest runs through this Saturday and we will announce the winner on Monday!  Just a random pick.

Good Luck!!!


  • I liked and facebooked the giveaway and followed and tweeted!

    I love the inspiration one can get from all these amazing shoots!! Thanks for creating this site! 🙂

  • alisa greig says:

    perfect shot tory! love it, and thanks ladies for a chance to win $150!!

  • I did both! I love the idea of honest portraits. We are surrounded by overphotoshoped images that bare little or no resemblance to the subject. I’ll have to start submitting. I’d love to be featured.

  • Darby says:

    I like your FB page and posted on mine about the contest

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted your contest

    I love the site because it helps me remember that it’s not about the clothes.. it’s about the KID! 🙂

  • I already liked the page on facebook, but I posted it for all my friends to see.

    I LOVE this blog because it feels like it’s the truth, you know? Honest and creative photography is often hard to find, mostly because big blogs like to publish stuff that isn’t necessarily reflective of “real life.” This blog is. And I love that.

  • Laura Reaux says:

    I did both.

    I love the REAL, amazing photography and the variety that you feature!

  • Gina says:

    I LOVE your site. So clean and inspirational. The talent you have picked to showcase is truly perfect. Love viewing. Thanks for sharing great photography.

    I “liked” and posted on profile in fb. 🙂

  • yan yan yan says:

    i liked you years ago! but i will tweet you and fb you up again! my fav thing about your blog other than the suh weet photography is the titles of each blog post. i am always so tickled at what you let the subject me.

  • Katie says:

    I did the whole shebang! Both Facebook and twitter!! Love this blog, it really features amazing work that normally photographers wouldn’t be able to submit/ show the world! Yay ladies! 🙂

  • Brookann says:

    I tweeted and posted on FB.

    I love the photographer spotlights! It’s so nice to see such a wide array of styles and subjects all in one blog. Love it!

  • gibsons says:

    i fb, (already liked) but did the link. don’t tweet, soo. like b/c you featured us… just kidding. like b/c it’s all about the feeling…so important, sometimes so missed. thanks for showing us, IN THE FACE, what matters! 😎

  • Ashley Smith says:

    Love that shot! My brother is having a baby in a month. Going to have to ask Tory for some baby tips for shooting. And because I just got a Mamiya 645 and borrowing a 1.9 lens from a friend 🙂 yay!

  • i have done a facebook link………. me and twitter dont work so well………i forget about it ………….but i love your new blog……… honest photography, so important,,,,,,,,,, get that shot in the camera not relying on photoshop……. and focus on the moment, the child, the family, the love………. not making it look all digital and perfect…………the rawness is whats perfect ! i am really enjoying looking through all that you have featured so far, meeting so many that i hadnt yet, ( such as you wendy & tory) and seeing some that i have been following with awe for some time ………xx thank you !

  • I’ve done all three! Love this blog for the quality of photos/posts you put out there! Love the photo above as well.

  • Liked the Facebook page and tweeted.

    Who doesn’t like honest photography. Great idea and best of luck on this new adventure.


  • Heather says:

    Wonderful blog! I liked you on fb and updated my status!

  • Becky_K says:

    I Facebooked AND Tweeted.

    This site is inspiring and I love the way you invite readers to get involved!

  • Courtney says:

    “Liked” you on FB. Too many things I like to mention JUST one!!! Love being inspired by other photographers. Love that you are keeping things fresh by changing up your blog. Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway! I would LOVE to win!!! =)

  • joseph gersch jr says:

    liked on fb and posted

  • joseph gersch jr says:

    follow on twitter @jtwark and tweeted

  • joseph gersch jr says:

    oops forgot to tell you what I like about your blog i like the pics in the people section. thanks for the giveaway!

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