Shaun Bailey: fatherly advice

We received a submission from photographer and father Shaun Bailey and we were both kinda captivated by his little girl jumping on her bed. Turns out Shaun and his wife are expecting their second baby any day now and so they got their daughter, Olivia, a big girl bed (I am about to go through this with my daughter this week!! BIG step!!) so they could prepare the crib for the new baby. Wanting to of course capture this momentous occasion Shaun grabbed his Hasselblad 501C and some Fuji Pro 400 H.

Nice combo huh?! LOVING her green wall!

What really got us though was Shaun’s story…..and how endearing he is. Here is a little of what he told us about his journey.

“I went to a very good photography school that taught me everything I needed to know about creating a good image.  Like any school, we take what we want and leave the rest.  The year I went was the first year the school went 100% digital.  I thought it was a huge benefit, and for lots of aspects it was.  It wasn’t until I had been out of school for a while that I realized just how crippled I allowed myself to be in my work and knew I needed to change.  I came across “The FIND Guide” and everything changed.  I started integrating film into my workflow b

ecause I knew it would force me to get over myself and really learn to shoot.  So I bought a Light Meter, fell into some pretty sweet cameras, and re-learned how to shoot.”

{We SO know the feeling!! And if you are feeling as Shaun did! YOU ARE IN LUCK! (We don’t want to sound too sales-ie but we really believe in this book & this is as good a time as any!!! LOL.) If you have been thinking about purchasing the FIND GUIDE – there is no better time than the present as we are giving away 2 rolls of film to the first 20 people who click there and purchase it!! PLUS, Jonathan Canlas has been nice enough to offer $10 off if you enter SUMMER in the discount box!! Ok…end of sales pitch, we promise you will thank us!! 😉 }

SO back to Shaun….we asked him if he had any advice what would it be!

“If I could give anyone advice it would be to be a nice person and use a Light Meter”. I can tell Shaun is not just a great photographer but also a great father!!

We also LOVE what he said about film + digital, since that is a popular debate.

“I shoot digital and film because I feel like we are so privileged to live in a day and age that allows us to have SOO many wonderful options to create amazing images. I want to be able to utilize all the options possible to create the best image I can for my clients.”

On that note we wish Shaun and his family the best of luck as they welcome their newest member into the world!!
AND we hope you all have a fantastic weekend as well!!
See you Monday!!