Kristopher Orr: skater chick

You guys that know me, know that I adore bright colors, stripes, beach, surfboards and skateboards.  So this shoot with the skater girl, white sunglasses, and bright colors is just so ME.

I wish I had shot it!! But it was Kristopher Orr who shot this amazing goodness. (if you remember, he sent us an ultra cool shoot before).

And it made me so happy, I decided to giveaway a Richard Photo Lab 16×20 print — you pick your image, they will print it up for you!

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From Kristopher:

“Lets see…what can I tell you about the shoot. Shot on Kodak Film.
Portra 160 and BW 400cn. Caroline  Gleich is a Professional Skier, Sports
Model based in UT.

She’s wearing Patagonia sportswear, Zeal optics, and her deck is from
Stereo Vinyl cruisers.

Any time I go to utah I try to call up Caroline just to kick it. She’s
this tiny little ball of spunk that is always down for adventure and
super happy about everything. She was just getting ready to start off
the summer craziness (NYC/EUROPE/SOUTH AMERICA) and so I thought I’d
catch her before she took off (literally) This time we got some
afternoon longboarding in up in Sugarhouse (hip cute suburb of SLC.)
Of course my camera came along and portraits ensued.”

To enter the giveaway:

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2. Like this post above (sharing it on fb);

3. Leave us a comment.

Easy Peasy.


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