Santa at the Beach – Betsy Marie Photography

We aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to Christmas – loved this shoot that Betsy Prieto of Betsy Marie Photography sent us of her own kids with St. Nick!

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From Betsy:

My twins are 6.5 years old, so I thought this year would be a perfect time to do a little photo shoot with Santa.  We were on vacation over Thanksgiving in Florida and I googled Santa’s with Real Beards… and found this gem.  My son, Ryan, has NEVER believed in Santa… since he was able to talk he has questioned every single aspect of the Jolly old man… so this was going to be a true test for him.  My daughter, Ella, believes in everything and anything magical– so she was over the moon when he showed up while we were enjoying the sunset and knew everything about them.  She talked his ear off for the full hour we had him… while Ryan seemed interested at first– pulled on his beard and asked a few specific questions– but then decided that throwing shells into the ocean was more his speed.  I love the results…  We have a gigantic collage framed over our mantle that I’ll put up every year and remember this amazing night.  Ryan still questions it… but I think this made him wonder if he should just surrender and believe!  Merry Christmas!

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