Sandra Henri – Photo Almost Every Day

In our embrace of the imperfect on this blog, we LOVE a “photo-nearly-everday” project!  A photo every day is just too much for many moms and dads out there.

Sandra Henri  in Australia does it well and says some super nice things about us here at Let the Kids!

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“I’ve been so inspired by so many amazing photographers “photo-a-day” projects and also the natural style of imagery you show on your site, it really made me re-think the way I photograph my own kids. I realised that although I have lots of beautiful portraits of them, I really don’t have enough photos capturing the everyday that would otherwise be so easily forgotten. I‘ve really enjoyed making the change as I’m finding it’s exercising my photographic eye at the same time, but I’m also not pressuring myself to take a photo each and every day so that it stays fun and creatively recharging rather than becoming a burden. I hope you enjoy the little insight into our lives. They are some of my images from 2012 to date.”