Queen of the Mixtape | Posy Quarterman

Prepare for awesome.  One of my faves, Posy Quarterman, recently photographed Shelby Brakken and fam (who I’ve been stalking on Instagram and love) – and the resulting images are just pure magic.

From Posy ~ The amazingly beautiful crazy talented super stylish world travelling photographerextraordinaire Shelby Brakken and her equally rad family on a sunny-turned-rainy day in March; at home, on the street, sharing ice cream, and buying white gloves and LPs on the Lodekka dress bus. We didn’t even have to travel to another continent to have an adventure.

PQP_Brakken_001 PQP_Brakken_002 PQP_Brakken_003 PQP_Brakken_004 PQP_Brakken_005 PQP_Brakken_006 PQP_Brakken_007 PQP_Brakken_008 PQP_Brakken_009 PQP_Brakken_010 PQP_Brakken_011 PQP_Brakken_012 PQP_Brakken_013 PQP_Brakken_014 PQP_Brakken_015 PQP_Brakken_016 PQP_Brakken_017 PQP_Brakken_018 PQP_Brakken_019 PQP_Brakken_020 PQP_Brakken_021 PQP_Brakken_022 PQP_Brakken_023 PQP_Brakken_024 PQP_Brakken_025 PQP_Brakken_026 PQP_Brakken_027 PQP_Brakken_028 PQP_Brakken_029 PQP_Brakken_030 PQP_Brakken_031 PQP_Brakken_032 PQP_Brakken_033 PQP_Brakken_034 PQP_Brakken_035 PQP_Brakken_036 PQP_Brakken_037 PQP_Brakken_038 PQP_Brakken_039 PQP_Brakken_040


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