Preparing for a Photo Shoot with Kjrsten Madsen

Kjrsten Madsen has been one of my favorite family photographers for a long time. She has a certain style all her own and her use of the space in the frame is killer. Being creative on a family shoot with three young kids is not easy.

Kjrsten explains her process:

Truth be told, I loved this session (so so much!) because I PREPARED for it. Emily and I talked before hand about what she wanted, and where, and how, and the timing of sun light in her home. On one of my very last days as a Londoner I set out on a train to the outskirts of the city to photograph her wonderful family. Throughout the train ride to Emily’s I banished the tension and pressure that usually comes from shooting other photographers by doing one simple thing: I wrote down my game plan. I spent an hour on the train writing and reviewing the plan, the shots I wanted (needed!)(had to!) get, plus new posing I wanted to try, and then some little things I would do to leave my comfort zone etc…

Of course it helped that they were a darling family, with children who were well trained in front of a camera and completely up for anything!

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boys toes photos on white bed by kjrsten madsen

whole family on white bed photograph by kjrsten madsen

family at home on white bed photo by kjrsten madsen

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photo of ad with moms hand around him in well lit home by photographer kjrsten madsen

two boys together covering their eyes image by photographer kjrsten madsen

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mom kissing kids and husband on bed photo by krjsten madsen

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mom and dad snuggling in field photo by kjrsten madsen

mom in greenery photo by kjrsten madsen

whole family against blue sky negative space photo by kjrsten madsen

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