Photographing the Regular Moments in a Day with Nicole Cross

On a sunny Saturday, photographer Nicole Cross made her way to this sweet family’s home so she could captured an ordinary day in their life. Nicole has a special place in her heart for Day In The Life sessions, feeling privileged to “photograph families in their homes doing regular things: making breakfast together, playing in the backyard, ready, trips to the library. I just let the day happen and work to make pictures that will show personality, humor, love, laughter and all the hard work that goes into being a family.”

Hard work it may be at times but Nicole captured the wonderful moments for this family that makes all that work worth it. It is, after all, those regular moments in a day that are the ones you never want to forget and although the memory may not disappear, the photos sure help to remember.

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toddler feeding dad watermelon by Nicole Cross

dad reading child a book by Nicole Cross

mom and son baking by Nicole Cross

dad and mom cooking breakfast in white kitchen by Nicole Cross

toddler sitting in highchair by Nicole Cross

boy dressing up in a costume by Nicole Cross

mom spraying son with sunscreen by Nicole Cross

boy in a red cape running in the yard by Nicole Cross

dad and son building outside by Nicole Cross

mom and child reading book outdoors by Nicole Cross

dad throwing daughter up in the air by Nicole Cross

boy playing in the dirt with his cars by Nicole Cross

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