Photographer Tarah Sweeney dishes on her kids’ fashion sense

I have followed Tarah’s photography for awhile now and have always been stuck by the connections she captures and the ever present style. This is present in her client work as well as her personal work; which I happen to adore. When choosing my first piece, I instantly thought of Tarah’s oldest two children and the sweet world they create. You always get a glimpse of who they are in the images she takes. From their quiet moments to their laughter, I look forward to seeing what they pick out that morning and how Tarah decided to capture it. You can find Tarah’s latest work on her Facebook page.

From Tarah: Photography is such a creative outlet for me as a work at home mom. When the days are monotonous and roll on, playing and capturing life, takes me out of the moment of chaos and into creative release. It’s magical. I take my camera with me basically everywhere I go and often times, at the most simple of places, I can capture a moment that is timeless to me. A key to that timelessness, other than the kiddos being just who they are and doing whatever they love – is their clothing. This may sound superficial but from the view of a photographer trying to create art from simple life, clothing can make or break an image. They dress themselves, but their drawers are full of color, pattern and fun – meaning, whatever they pick out, is going to add to an image if I take one, not take away or distract from it. We have so much fun and photographing their lives is what drives the passion for my business, and their individual style that shines through with what they pick out, makes the photos even more meaningful to me.

We are major Instagram small business supporters! Most of our clothing comes from insta shops such as Geofox Apparel, Be Still Clothing, Rags to Riches and more. Bigger name stores that are our faves are Gap, H&M and good ol’ Target!

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photo of a little girl in jumpsuit and glasses by Tarah Sweeney

photo of a brother and sister at the beach by Tarah Sweeney

photo of a brother and sister tossing chalk paint by Tarah Sweeney

photo of a brother and sister in a tree house by Tarah Sweeney

picture of a brother and sister with beanies by Tarah Sweeney

photo of brother and sister holding hands by Tarah Sweeney

photo of a brother and sister shot from above by Tarah Sweeney

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