Photographer Sarah Swanson takes us around the block

As a big fan of both crazy sunlight, flare and motion blur, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Sarah Swanson’s images. These are taken from her “around the block” project:

I am a artistic documentary photographer, telling the stories of people and places with images.

My passion for my neighborhood and community inspires much of my work. My project “Around the Block” is an ongoing projects of photos taken right around my square city block. These images reflect my neighbors, my children’s friends and much of what happens on my side of town on a daily basis. I also hope that some of my work might speak This project continues to expand as the kids grow and change over the months and years and as my artistic style ebbs and flows.

Lately, I have been allowing my work to evolve. I have been considering more what makes an image art. Looking back at iconic photographers and artists from the past and trying to learn from how they approached their work has really pushed me to improve my images.  As an artist, I can never be done getting better or improving my work. I love to document real-life and I love to explore photography creatively. This includes playing with light, messing with shutter speed, movement and color.

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and stick mainly to a 24mm or 35 mm lens. I have been exploring film a little the last year and have used a Canon EOS 3 and a little Leica Mini II, just for fun.

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photographepicture of girl running across lawn with sun streaking and shining by photographer sarah swanson

blonde girl with rays of light around her photo by photographer sarah swanson

picture of  girl flipping her hair in extreme back light by sarah swanson

photo of boy in window of red house

picture  of boy drinking from hose by photographer sarah swanson

picture of boys playing in street with sun shining down by photographer sarah swanson

image of boy light up by lamp against red wall by photographer sarah swanson

photo of girl in purple dress inside room with sun shining through window by photographer sarah swansonn's image of girl in purple dress inside room with sun shining through window

picture of kids on scooters playing motion blur


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