Faces of Hawaii: we made it

Oh yes. Its true. I am lucky enough to live in Hawaii.  And every year here there is a local photography competition called Faces of Hawaii.  A gallery on the Big Island publishes a book of photographs of the different faces of Hawaii.  I entered last year but failed to make the book.

This year a photo of my daughter Hannah made the book.  Hannah, my nine year old daughter, loves to take photos.

But even more exciting is that one of Hannah’s photos made the book as well.  Its a photo she took of her sister Noelle when we went on a Mother’s Day hike near a local beach.

And what makes us laugh the most (and you will only get this if you were a fan of the series Lost) is that it looks like the Black Smoke Monster is about to get Noelle.

If you are interested in entering a contest (and really, why not?), the One Life Photography Competition is taking entries for another week.


enjoy one of the last weekends of summer (at least for year round schooling)

Wendy (and Tory)