Life with a new baby at home with Parikha Mehta

Meet Parikha Mehta, a Philadelphia area lifestyle photographer, who recently photographed this gorgeous baby boy with his adoring parents in the comfort of their home. Parikha’s beautiful use of light and rich colors coupled with her knack for seeking out the poignant details in everyday life make this session both vivid and memorable. As I look through these photographs, I’m immediately drawn to those memories that a mama never wants to forget: tiny hands grasping your sweater harder than you would think possible, chubby cheeks that you just want to love on all day, and an ever developing sense of curiosity about his environment. Parikha, who lives in the Philly metro area with her husband and two boys, was so kind to share a few details with us about her time spent with this new family:

The moment I walked into this family’s home, I could clearly see that they had great style, but, more importantly, there was an overwhelming sense of lightheartedness and love in the home, centered directly around their beautiful baby boy. Even the dogs couldn’t get enough of their little brother! At one point, Mom & Dad started mashing up Dr. Seuss and Lil Jon during storytime–I couldn’t help but think “this is my happy place”.

I am particularly drawn to the sweet and colorful details in these images such as mom and dad’s artful tattoos, the repetition of stars throughout the home, and of course the family’s gorgeous golden retriever who seems to have taken a keen liking to his new human sibling. Parikha enjoys capturing real, authentic moments in a storytelling manner and that comes through strongly in this session. She has a wonderful way of shifting her perspective or composition in order to reveal another layer or detail in the unfolding scene: dad’s reflection in the mirror as he watches his son snuggled up in mama’s arms, baby’s hand wound around mom’s finger as he is fed his bottle, limbs entwined in one another as baby seeks comfort in the safe haven of his father’s embrace. This time, these moments, they are fleeting. They fall through your hand like grains of sand. Some days they feel repetitive and mundane, until one day you realize that something has changed. Time has shifted and your baby is a toddler; your toddler is a child. That’s when the importance of these images and the memories they evoke will become ever apparent.

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photo of baby drinking bottle by Philadelphia photographer Parikha Meta
colorful photo of a happy baby by Philly photographer Parikha Metaphoto of a mom holding her new baby by window light by Parikha Meta lifestyle family photo by Philadelphia photography Parikha Meta photo of a mom holding her new baby by Parikha Meta photo of a baby being fed by mom by Parikha Meta
photo of a mom and dad feeding their new baby by Parikha Meta photo of a mom holding her baby in a rocking chair by Parikha Meta
photo of a dad with a tattoo holding his new baby by Philadelphia photographer Parikha Meta
pic of a happy baby lying on a geometric rug by Parikha Metapic of a family and dog by Philadelphia photographer Parikha Meta

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