The Paper Deer Photography: brotherly love

This series sent in by The Paper Deer Photography is a little bit more moody than our usual features but the emotion of this series just caught me. I love the creativity Jayme showed here in using just this one small space and the different images she captured. You can see the bond between the boys really well.  The images just seem so tender and soft.

A bit about this session:

“Every February I feel the heavy slump of winter and yearn for inspiration. Film photography is something that always boosts my creative spirit and I think I have inadvertently started an incredible personal project.

There is this light that happens this time of year around 10am at our patio door, a light that stops you dead in you tracks. We are lucky to have as much sun as we do in the Province considering the bitter cold that wreaks havoc on us for months on end. Last year I was still relatively new to film (I say new but like most, that’s where I started off but got lost in the world of digital) and I wanted to experiment. So, I grabbed 4 cameras, 4 different film stock and my somewhat willing 3 and half year old Jensen and spent 10 minutes rapidly metering and shooting before he called it quits. I wasn’t expecting much but was blown away when I got the scans back and decided this would be a great little growth project I could concur every desolate February.

This year my youngest, Hudson who is now almost 2, decided to join in. It’s hard for me to accurately describe the sense of wonder when I see these, I day dream about putting these all together after the years and seeing how much they have grown.

Mamiya 645 Pro TL & Leica M3 | 80mm 1.9 | Fuji 400H & Acros | Caribou Film Lab

boy with curly hair leaning against white lace curtain image by the paper deer photography older brother holding little brother series by the paper deer photography little red headed boy at home in moody window light image by the paper deer two boys behind white lace curtain image little brother playing peek a boo with big brother photo two brothers together at home image by the paper deer photography black and white image of boy with praying hands by the paper deer photography


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