Pamela Bernasconi photographs baby Nolan’s first day

Photographed at just one day old, flaking skin, hospital wrist bands and squishy cheeks abound as Pamela Nicole Bernasconi seeks to capture the heart of baby Nolan’s newborn experience. A half eaten apple is left on a tray, presumably a snack for big brother or perhaps tossed aside for the sweet cries of the hungry new baby. The color of mom’s nail polish, the ever present hospital issued water bottle, and the elephant pattern of the hospital bassinet sheet are just a few of the details that Pamela documents in her time with this growing family. On second additions to families Pamela shares these thoughts with us:

Second babies are always handled with a bit more confidence and less fuss and parents are just in awe of how much space for love they have in their hearts.

There is a sparkle in the air as these new parents introduce their oldest child to his brand new baby brother for the very first time. Big brother looks on with a mix of trepidation and eager hands as he takes in his soon to be playmate and best friend for life. I can only imagine the things that these two boys will experience together in the future. Visions of muddy feet, captured critters, whispered secrets, an abundance of giggles and lego strewn floors flood the mind as the meeting of these brothers unfolds. On photographing newborn babies and their families Pamela tells us this:

“With newborn sessions, I want families to be able to look back and feel the newness of their babies. I want them to be real images of babies doing things that babies do and the love between family members. I strive to capture the emotions and interactions between family members all in hopes that they can look back and remember what it felt like to be in that moment. Because ultimately, the goal of my work is to give people a tool that will transport them back in time to a place they might not remember otherwise.”

Pamela beautifully captured the details that ever so quickly pass in a blurry, love fueled haze, forever documenting them for this new family to cherish.

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a picture of a new family enjoying their newborn baby by Phoenix photographer Pamela Nicole

a close up picture of a newborn baby by Phoenix photographer Pamela Nicole

a new mom holds her baby in a picture by Pamela Nicole photography of Phoenix Arizona

a picture of a new mom holding her baby's hands by Phoenix photographer Pamela Nicole

a picture of an alert newborn baby by Phoenix Arizona photographer Pamela Nicole

a photo of a brand new family of four at the hospital by photographer pamela bernasconi

a picture of a mom holding her newborn baby by Phoenix Arizona photographer Pamela Nicole

a picture of big brother meeting baby brother for the first time by photographer pamela nicole

a photo of new baby feet by Phoenix photographer pamela bernasconi

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