Victoria O’Leary: okay with the imperfect

I feel like film has made me less of a perfectionist. Maybe that is a good thing and maybe it’s a bad thing, I am sure people could debate either way.

My heart is drawn to the imperfect….I mean I certainly know the rules…I have a strong foundation, but film has changed me – from the days of meticulously editing my digital images so they would look just {not} right. It has made me ok with broken rules, some of my favorite images are OOF, double-exposed, sun-flared, with peoples heads cut off – all done on purpose ….and occasionally because of a happy accident. (Remember this first image we ran from one of my favorites YANphotography is EXACTLY what I am talking about!!)

A few of my imperfect shots from my last few rolls…..
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Come back on Thursday where we will be talking about one of our favorite broken rules.

What about you? Comment and let us know what your favorite photography rule to break!



  • Wendy says:

    Beauty is in the imperfections. Love these shots but the dog kissing her face is perfection to me. the blue, the orange, the pink, the red. The action.. we all know these moments.. its perfect. Hang it up on the wall.
    and p.s. I feel the exact same way (must be why we are friends)

  • love those! and the color is amazing.

  • Tory, I feel the same way. I love the imperfect! heads cut of, flare, etc. I haven’t tried film yet, but I totally get you! 🙂 Love the post and the pictures. The one that has the dog is magical!

  • Hannah Mayo says:

    I adore these- they’re perfect in their own awesome way. I totally get what you mean about film changing your perspective on this. To me, real and raw and a bit imperfect is usually far better than traditional “perfect”.

  • This was a great thing to read to really start off my week, Tory. Thank you for sharing, and your photos are fantastic. I definitely feel like “imperfect” is far more interesting that something completely traditional. Have a great week!:) x k

  • melody says:

    love the puppy kiss!

  • Leslie says:

    I love the article and the pictures. It’s funny because I’ve been feeling the same about my film “imperfections” and wrote a little post about it on my blog yesterday:) perfect timing!

  • Kristin says:

    I love the freedom to embrace the imperfect! I love these images too.

  • The last image is to die for!

  • rowe says:

    i could agree more… i love placing the subject smack bang in the middle! i love shooting tight and am pretty fond of the technically flawed head cropped at the forehead image too! when im shooting a session i make sure i get all the more traditional shots but i must admit, i just love the more unique, imperfectly perfect shots so much more… thanks for sharing tory!

  • Laura Reaux says:

    Yes! I so agree with you, Tory. These are all awesome, too! Especially the first 2 for me. 🙂

  • Haha. Love this. My motto has always been “perfectly imperfect!” Awesome!

  • Jonah says:

    These are honest and wonderful. And how you want to remember life. We like to say our life is full of mismatched socks and someday we’ll miss that.

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