Victoria O’Leary: okay with the imperfect

I feel like film has made me less of a perfectionist. Maybe that is a good thing and maybe it’s a bad thing, I am sure people could debate either way.

My heart is drawn to the imperfect….I mean I certainly know the rules…I have a strong foundation, but film has changed me – from the days of meticulously editing my digital images so they would look just {not} right. It has made me ok with broken rules, some of my favorite images are OOF, double-exposed, sun-flared, with peoples heads cut off – all done on purpose ….and occasionally because of a happy accident. (Remember this first image we ran from one of my favorites YANphotography is EXACTLY what I am talking about!!)

A few of my imperfect shots from my last few rolls…..
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Come back on Thursday where we will be talking about one of our favorite broken rules.

What about you? Comment and let us know what your favorite photography rule to break!



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