Nikki Martinez — California Family Photography

I love how Nikki Martinez caught her kids at home.  In bed — with that light — beauty.  The real deal.

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from Nikki:

“I had a conversation with a friend who told me about something her family & herself do every evening.

It was called “Thorns & Roses”.

During dinner when everyone is sat down & eating, each person takes a turn telling one bad thing & one good thing that happened to them on that day. The term thorns & roses stuck with me & has made dinner time with my family even more full of conversation than ever.

Now I know you’re thinking dinner & convo? what’s this all got to do with photos? Let’s just say I’ve taken a whole new approach on the way I see things. Life’s short. Kids grow fast. Like WAY fast! When we are at home, I’ve started pulling out my camera when it just feels right. When The light is just right, when my babies do something that captures my eye (ok so maybe that’s like a GOOD percentage of the time) LOL. But no matter how much I want to capture moments & how important they are to me to have on photographs. They are WAY more important to me to “feel” the moments IN THAT MOMENT, So, I’m finding myself  trying harder to be there. To laugh hard with my kids, to play hard with my kids. To just lay with them & ask them what their good & bad things were that day. So although  my camera is never too far away. I don’t want to chase my kids around constantly with it in my hand. I’m becoming more of an observer. If I see something that is particularly special. I’ll grab it & take a quick shot. I’m starting to really feel like less can be more.”

That is exactly what I ask my kid at the end of  the day. the best thing and the worst thing that happened that day. Helps me stay connected.

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